We propose a co-living system where users negotiate their boundaries through game theory. The complex user dynamics shape the house, which shape each block, and block-by-block reshape the entire city. Home becomes a micro-city, and city becomes a huge house. Warner Music has partnered with digital collectibles platform Blockparty to give the major label’s artists “access to cutting-edge Web3 technology in the world of non-fungible tokens”. By clicking “Place Order” you agree that you are being provided with immediate access to this digital content and that therefore any possibility of a withdrawal from this purchase ends – the purchase is final.

We’re confident you’ll love this product, but if you wish to exchange or return it for any reason then we’re happy to help. Please make sure any returned items remain in a re-sellable condition and are returned within 15 days from the date of delivery. In the unlikely event that your product is faulty, damaged or simply isn’t what you ordered then contact us and we’ll cover the cost of the return postage. The bell tolled six, then the quarter, and on the half, the men lined up out of sight of the city. Tension stretched as the sun sank, imagination making fears real, and the officers passed the rum rations down the ranks and listened to the old jokes. There was a sudden warmth in the army, a feeling of difficulties that would be shared, and the officers who came from the big houses felt close to their men. Imagination did not spare the rich, nor would the defenders, and tonight the rich and poor in the ditch would need each other.

Contemporary craft inspired bythe art of the tailor

I should have realized they wouldn’t let him escape that easily. When she reached the hatchway, she dripped some wax on the passageway floor to hold the candle, then lifted the trapdoor and peered through the crack. She doubted that any of the sailors would be walking around among the precariously stacked barrels without light. He got behind the wheel and cranked the AC up full blast. He scanned the bottle-green water in all directions. So did a pretty girl, cutting angles on a sailboard. Then came two hairy fat guys on Jet Skis, jumping each other’s wakes.

This way, new, funny figures and stories are created again and again. Particularly much joy prepares Block Party when the different characters Blockparty crypto are mixed and a colourful neighbourhood is created. So I was silent, and simply followed her, doggedly, to what I assumed was her apartment.

Moonlight Cocktail: Block Party & Lighting Ceremony

By clicking “Purchase” you agree that you are being provided with immediate access to this digital content and that therefore any possibility of a withdrawal from this purchase ends – the purchase is final. The City of Hattiesburg reserves the right to approve or deny any event listing and to edit the content submitted for final publication. The Block Party is a part of The Bentway’s summer 2022 programming, STREET,​ a ​​series of free art installations, performances, workshops, public conversations, and community celebrations.

The toys of the Block Party are great eye-catchers in the ambience. We will, however, continue to pick and pack any orders placed, ready to ship on Monday. Essential international guides, packed with data, interviews, strategies, and local insight.

WMG’s Blockparty deal: NFTs, swapping… and moustaches

Believe’s Jak Ryan, Megan Freimann and Dave Grinnell talk about the campaign, from Kick Game signings and a pop-up shop to Roblox and Genius ads, and a kick-off performance with YouTube music brand Colors. Opulous – Ditto’s spin-off crypto company – offers a platform for the creation and exchange of music copyright NFTs (or “MFTs”), and also offers DeFi loans for musicians, amongst other things. There’s a lot of jargon flying about here, so you might still be confused. Well, it just so happens that one Warner-signed artist is already getting in on this incredible opportunity. Finnish singer Stig is “planning to use these tools to launch NFTs that capture his iconic moustache and array of trendy five panel caps – a nod to wearables found in the metaverse and his ambitions to participate within it”.


DJ sets by Valeroo, Ace Dillinger, and John Caffery – curated with Yohomo (Toronto’s online hub dedicated to the arts, culture, and nightlife of our city’s beautiful LGBTQ2+ community) – will get the crowd moving. Local music labels HVT Entertainment, Allure Records and Dreamfellas will also be bringing on artists from their roster to perform. DJs in , Candice B, Aurora and Peter Leftmind will also be performing. Homegrown pop acts Shye and Haven will take to the stages, alongside hip-hop and R&B artists AE$OP CA$H, FEEZ and Khally. The cute toys of the Block Party0 from Areaware are made of lacquered beech wood and can be arranged as desired. So the sweet tiger can relax in no time while lying down. Each figure also consists of several angular blocks that can be stacked and arranged as desired.


Admission to the ‘Majulah Block Party’ is free, however, attendees must redeem their tickets on Peatix. A top-down prescription to urban housing has resulted in dry, monotonous masterplans which treat all individuals as equal variables and are callous to social changes. Without room for adjustment, the city subdivides in an unhealthy manner within a caged framework, resulting in tiny rooms of poor quality.


Both performances will be appearing live on The PrEP Clinic Stage. The Party will also be hosted by drag star Bombae, current contestant on Canada’s Drag Race Season 3. As a response to this, we propose a system where a user can enter the game to generate and manipulate his/her own surroundings. The user gets to make his/her own decisions about what to share, who to share with, or not to share at all. The users will get to make decisions for the composition of their own house as well as negotiate their boundary within the network, both physically and socially. Hence, the block is no longer a static entity, but one which keeps evolving, shrinking or growing according to the input of the users. This process will bridge the gap between mass customisation of the block and the user, making each block unique and dynamic.

Author: Barbara Kollmeyer

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